Iao Valley State park

We visited Iao Valley State Park and it was a magnificent view.

Here are some pictures of us in a creek. It was so peaceful to sit on the rocks and listen to the water.

One of the days of being in Maui we went for a drive and found some beautiful views! We even saw a waterfall, the water was so blue and vibrant.

Here is a close up of the goats we saw. They were so cool to watch!


This spot was popular for the heart shape that it makes. People would actually hike down there and swim in the heart shaped pool. It is very dangerous to do so and there has been fatalities there.


It was fun to drive around and stumble upon the beautiful sights. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our adventures from these days. There is still more to come!


Hawaii Vacation


Ever since I was little I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and I never thought I actually would. I am very grateful that my husband and I were able to go to Hawaii this year! We went to Hawaii with our friends so we could cut down on the cost. It was so beautiful and my favorite part might be the sea turtles. We spent a week in Maui and we had a blast. Some of our adventures include: The road to Hana, beaches, dinner cruise, hiking, the Maui winery, and we viewed the sunrise at Haleakala National Park.


The beaches were gorgeous! My favorite beach was Ho’Okipa Beach. The sea turtles would come and lay on this beach. They were so awesome to watch swim and lay out on the beach. Sometimes it was hard to see the sea turtles because they looked like the rocks on the beach.



Makena Beach AKA Big Beach was another beach we visited. It was so beautiful although it was cloudy during parts of the day. I did not swim in this beach because it was really rough. It had huge waves and I like more of a calmer beach. It was still nice to watch the waves and lay out on the beach.


Baldwin Beach was a nice beach to swim at we even seen sea turtles swimming by us. The water was so blue and pretty.

Since I have a lot of pictures from the trip I will upload each event on a separate blog. I hope you enjoyed pictures of the beaches we visited! Stay tuned for the next blog continuing my Hawaii trip!

Have you been to Hawaii before? What was your favorite thing you did or see?

Apartment Living

Word of the day: Adapt

We have been in our apartment for a week. I am slowly getting use to it, although I haven’t been sleeping well. I knew it would take time for me to adapt to my new surroundings. Isn’t it funny how you can sleep no problem in a hotel on vacation but when you move somewhere new it takes time? I guess because you know it is only temporary and you don’t have to move all your things from your house making it seem even more permanent.

Ginger waiting for the moving guys to come move our stuff

I was mostly worried about how the pups would do. The pups stayed at my moms house the first night we were in the apartment. We brought them the next day and they walked all around sniffing every inch of the apartment. I think it helped that our stuff was here but Ruby did not like it at first. She would sit by the door and whine a little waiting to go to our old home. Ginger and Buddy adapted quickly, but they made sure to stay close to mom and dad. We took them for a walk around our apartment and that seemed to help. I think they actually like that they get to explore a new place.

Ruby and Buddy settling in
Ruby & Ginger relaxing on their bed


Our apartment actually had a dog event with a dog vendor. They had a dog bone bar! It was so cute. You get a dog bone biscuit and put toppings on it. Some toppings were peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin, apple sauce, and a few more. Of course I completely forgot to take pictures with all the excitement going on. It was a cute idea and Ruby and Buddy enjoyed it. They even had dog bone shaped pools if the pups felt like taking a dip to cool down. Each pup also got a doggy swag bag that included some treats and toys.

The pups needed a new toy box since their old one was too small. It was actually kind of difficult to find one that was low enough so they could reach their head in (weenie dog probs). But I ended up finding one and I found this super cute treat holder!

It was a pretty eventful week! I think it is safe to say that the pups have adapted quite quickly, I guess I am going to be taking a little more time.

Starting A New Adventure

Word of the day: Change


Change can be good or bad, depending on how you perceive it. I guess you could consider me as someone who doesn’t care too much for change. I tend to focus on the things I’m going to miss. I am so use to the way life is right now. Well me and my little family are going through a change. We are selling our house and moving. We bought our first house in September of 2015. We have made so many great memories in this house.

In this house we celebrated our first Christmas, we fostered two dogs (one being buddy who we eventually adopted), we celebrated birthdays, and had our 1 year wedding anniversary while living in this house. Needless to say this house will be greatly missed.

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Our first Christmas in our home/first Christmas with Buddy and our foster dog, Zeus(last picture).

It has been difficult for me to accept this change and if I am being honest I haven’t fully accepted it yet. We move this Saturday into our apartment. Instead of thinking of this change as bad (like I have been doing) I am starting to think of it as good. We are moving because my husband received a well deserved promotion. I will also be closer to my school, so I wont have to do the horrible 4 hour drive any more. This is also a new adventure even for the pups! If I had to go through this change I am glad I’m doing it with my husband and little doxies, there wouldn’t be anyone else I would rather start this adventure with.

What are some changes going on in your life? Do you consider them good or bad? Leave a comment and let me know! 🙂

Meet the pups


Ginger is my oldest dachshund, I have had her for 13 years. She loves treats, to cuddle, and to go for walks.



Ruby was given to me from my husband. I have had her for 2 years since she was a puppy. She loves to play, go for walks, and wrestle with her brother.



Buddy was our foster dog until we realized he was a perfect addition to our little family. I have had buddy for almost three years. Buddy loves to follow you wherever you go, he likes to chase Ruby around the couch, and he loves attention.